MyPlanner: Your Personalized Itinerary

If you’re already registered, click here to create your personalized itinerary for the education sessions and Expo. Once you download the conference app, you will have the entire conference and your starred items automatically synced to your phone or tablet.

Create your profile
Creating a profile is easy, and it’s the fastest way to connect with other attendees. Select “My Profile” from the menu and create your online profile so others can connect and network with you. Don’t forget to upload a photo so others can recognize you at the conference.

Create your education itinerary
Use the online tool to create your education itinerary: Search by keyword or faculty, or use the advanced search option to browse by topic. Just click on the star to add a session to your favorites. You can export them to Outlook or print a list. But, the easiest way is use the Mobile app and click on “My Planner.”

Network with other attendees
After your profile is set up, choose “Attendee Networking” from the menu to see a list of all other registered attendees, including their current job title and the organization they work for. Click on the star icon to save someone as a favorite, and then see a list of your favorites by selecting “My Favorites” at the top. From here, contact someone directly through the platform by clicking on the envelope icon on the right side.

Get the most out of the Expo
No matter what kind of product or service you need, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at the Expo. Save time by researching exhibitors now. Use the online tool to see a complete list, or to search by name or keyword. When you find an exhibitor of interest, click the star icon to save them as a favorite. Then, open your favorites and select “Interactive Floorplan” to see where they are located on the Expo floor. It’s that simple! There’s no need to wait until the conference to connect. Click on the pen and paper icon to send them an email or to schedule your appointment today.

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